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Look forward to feeling fantastic and staying mobile well into your retirement years

Training older adults to feel younger and stay independent in a fun environment through strength, flexibility,  balance, cognitive fun and games.



Recurring membership     $20 per week    unlimited classes *conditions apply


Pay as you go
$12 per class


10 credit pack adults 
$100 (3 month expiry date)



Pay as you go
$12 per class


10 credit pack
$80 (3 month expiry date)


Pay as you go
$10 per class


10 credit pack
$90 (3 month expiry date)

booking rates

No 8am aqua


Classes and Membership


Designed With You in Mind

I have developed a range of classes to fit the specific needs of my clients.  Attending my classes provides a social way of getting fit and the enjoyment of being part of a group working towards a common goal.  Take a look at what I offer and sign up for a session today.

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Strength training

Designed to help fight against osteoporosis and diabetes, these classes are varied for your enjoyment.

Monday 10am This class uses bar and hand weights and resistance bands.  A favourite for those who like a bit of variety.

Wednesday 9am   We use the bar in this class and increase  repetitions or weight with the aim of improving strength.

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Get Moving

Wednesday 10am. Designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance, this class will certainly help improve your quality of life. And its lots of fun too! We use body weight moves and TRX, resistance bands, balance equipment and hand weights, just to name a few. We bop along to 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music to keep everyone smiling.
Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for these classes  so come along and join in the fun and let me help you improve your fitness and overall health in a safe and energizing way.



Tuesday 10am

Dance along aerobics style to music anywhere from Elvis to modern day songs. The moves are easy to learn. The emphasis is on movement and having fun.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to get some cardio training in, then you might be interested in my Dance class.

Friday 10am.

This is a very popular class as we break the dance up with intervals of resistance training. We move to the beats of the music with hand weights or resistance bands.

ZOOM classes

8.30am  - Monday- Get moving, Tues- stretch, Thurs- Get Moving, Fri-dance

We have made it easy for you to attend a class in your own living room and still be accountable with an instructor there to see.

These are very popular classes with those that have to get out the door to get on with life or those that just want exercising made easy without all the drag of travelling to a class.



Narooma  Aqua

11.10am -Tues & Thurs - aquafit

11.10am - Wed - aquamoves

These aqua classes have been popular for more than 8 years. There’s no better way to develop strength, flexibility, and increase cognition than through resistance training in the water. Let me help you improve your fitness and overall health in a safe, fun and energizing way.



Fri - 11am.

The whole aim of this class is to have a bit of FUN, make FRIENDS, be PHYSICALLY ACTIVE, and train your BRAIN. This class is predominately done in a chair accompanied by fun music.  We use all sorts of equipment including bands, handweights, balls, beanbags, pool noodles, balloons. It just makes you want to move.


Nancy is an author and a speaker.

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Nancy Casu

Training older adults to feel younger and independent using strength, balance, flexibility and improving cognition is my passion. With more than 25 years’ experience in personal training, group exercise and post-rehabilitation, and now brain training, I truly believe in keeping exercise fun and social. Training my clients to achieve their goals, increase their level of fitness to enrich their lifestyle gives me great satisfaction.
I have a degree in Health Science (Health and Leisure), Diploma in Fitness, Certification in Rehabilitation and Brain Training and have worked on programs such as Beat it- Diabetes Aust and  New Moves- Mental Health program.

About Me

Nancy is also a finalist in the Fitness Australia awards

about our Instructors

Beverley lives in Florida and has trained older adults for nearly 30 years. Bev specializes in keeping older adults feeling energised to enjoy their life to the fullest. Bev uses strength, cardio, flexibility, balance and cognition as some of the training methods in a group setting.

about instructors

I have worked in the corporate world for decades and found that fitness training was an outlet for a happy and balanced life. It was this and the love of helping people achieve their fitness goals that led me to attain my Certificate IV in Personal Training.
I believe being active is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. It is not about just lifting heavy weights or running for miles. It is about finding the training style and activity that you enjoy and can fit into your lifestyle.  I love watching my clients progress and seeing them achieve things they thought they never could and having more energy to enjoy their life!  For me, this is gold.

Justine is an experienced Australian senior yoga teacher, mentor and coach, with a background in PT. Her approach is masterful – using intelligent sequencing, skilful cueing, and with deep regard for her students - she teaches from an embodied wisdom, weaving integrated philosophy into her teaching to create a transformational experience for students on the mat.

In his age group Graham is an example to others who aspire to a fit and healthy lifestyle. He is an experienced Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Functional Ageing Specialist. His specific interest is support packages that mentor and assist clients who find it too difficult or confronting to go to a gym but need intensive support to get a quality of life that many take for granted.



“Since I started training, I dont feel so stiff and sore. The gardening is easier to do and  I feel my golf swing improving. I really do have a good time in class.

Tony Lowe

Bev - now.JPG

Through Nancy’s classes I have lost a total of 42 kg. The classes are fun, you work to your own ability and strength and  with encouragement from Nancy you really do  progress.  I have met so many great people, made dear friends and always walk away from class feeling happy & proud of my achievements.

Bev Bensley


“I’ve trained with Older Fitter Better for many years and have never felt better or fitter.  During this time, I have lost  weight,  increased my bone density and I am stronger than my grandkids. I feel young again. Highly recommended!”

Elaine Cuthbert

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I have been participating in Nancy's aqua classes for many years. I wouldn't miss them. After class I feel energised and alive. I can move my body in the water without pain and I love the fun vibe.      Meg Carey




You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and strong you. Get in touch and start training today.



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