Exercise Helps Fight Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Jun 23, 2023

Sheri knew something was wrong.

She’d always been active, particularly enjoying daily walks. But lately her balance and posture were off. Her knees jerked. Her hands trembled.

So when her doctor diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease last year, it was almost a relief.

“At least now I knew,” says Sheri, 73.

She started an exercise regimen designed to help relieve some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It started working quickly. Sheri felt less pain, and her balance...

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Your Brain, and exercise. Jun 23, 2023

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs .” - Seth Godin

There are many good reasons to stay physically active in our lives. Some of these are to avoid heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes. Other reasons would be to relieve depression and anxiety, and maintain a healthy weight.

The other reason to consider exercise is also to keep our brains healthy. Exercise causes actual physical changes in the brain that act as a safeguard against...

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